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Hard Disk Sentinel Pro 4.60.7 Beta

Hard Disk Sentinel Pro 4.60.7 Beta

Hard drive is a hardware device that is useful for storing various types of files. Hard drive is important guarded because this device can be prone to damage by various causes and among friends Arif Poetra Yunar of course there are not informed about their hard drive.
Hard Disk Sentinel Pro is a software that is where friends Arif Poetra Yunar can use it to check information brands, aktitas movement and hard drive health HS companions have. Although this application is only helpful in detail but this needs attention to keep the hard drive remain safe in order to avoid problems that could cause the hard drive become damaged so that the companion software Arif Poetra Yunar lose all data stored on the hard drive.

Screenshots :

How To Install ??

  1. install program.exe
  2. After completion of the program should not be opened.
  3. Patch file open, click one of the tiger's head, then wait a few minutes.
  4. Done.
Link Download : 20 MB
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Hard Disk Sentinel Pro 4.60.7 Beta

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